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Sekai Sales Consulting

​Sekai Sales Consulting

​We support your company's overseas expansion and overseas expansion

Overview of Sekai Sales Consulting

Sekai Sales Consulting GK provides reasonable support for expanding into the mature and huge markets of EU / Europe / Europe and the rapidly growing Southeast Asia / ASEAN.
We have supported the overseas expansion of clients in various industries such as IT / venture startups, food and beverage, EC / trade, manufacturing, retail, apparel, media, traditional crafts, and education.
Our chief consultant, who has a long history of living in Europe and has extensive experience in international business, has been supporting the expansion of business into Europe, EU member states, and the EEA European Economic Area since 2010. It was established to support expansion.
In addition to our bases and staff in Japan, we have offices, expatriate staff and affiliated partners in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Finland in Europe, and we are a reliable and proven partner in Southeast Asian countries. We have.


  • Overseas sales support

  • Local subsidiary establishment agency

  • Support for opening overseas accounts

  • Cross-border M & A support

  • Overseas marketing

  • Overseas market research

  • Support for expatriate assignment

  • Local human resources recruitment support

  • Work visa acquisition support

  • Support for overseas entrepreneurship

  • Overseas investment support

  • Business license acquisition support

  • Overseas migration support

Main service


Our products
Programming teaching material robot

Photon JP Logo.png
Photon (46).jpg

Photon is a robot for programming education developed by Photon Entertainment of Poland.

As an authorized distributor in Japan of Photon Entertainment, we offer Photon not only to children in general households, but also to children in general households.

We deliver to various customers such as programming classes, elementary and junior high schools, educational toy stores, general companies, and educational organizations.

Click here for Photon official website

Introducing our partners


Delta Heroes is a company in Estonia, an advanced IT country, and is engaged in the business of connecting IT startups in the Baltic States and Scandinavia with Japan.

We co-sponsor a tour of Estonia with Delta Heroes and support Japanese companies expanding into Estonia.


Response has headquartered in Ireland and a development team in Poland for IT consulting and IT development.We are working on it.

If you are looking for a reasonable and high quality offshore development contractor, please consider using Response.

If you are interested in offshore development in Europe, please feel free to contact us.

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